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Department of Mathematics

The Mathematical Sciences plays a vital role in almost every aspect of everyday life like Internet search, medical imaging, computer animation, numerical weather predictions and other computer simulations, digital communications of all types, optimization in business and the military, analyses of financial risks and so on. The opening years of the twenty-first century have been remarkable for the mathematical sciences. This discipline has consistently been making major advances in research, both in fundamental theory and in high-impact applications. In brief, the study of Mathematical Sciences and Statistics skills give you a competitive edge in the workplace.

1. To contribute to the nation through quality education and research in Mathematics.
2. To become a valuable resource for industry and society and to be a center of excellence.

The mission of Department of Mathematical Sciences is to provide an innovative and support environment where students can develop a thorough understanding of and appreciation for the Mathematics. The department endeavors to empower students through the mastery of core content and the ability to apply their knowledge. To this end, the department strives to provide quality instruction that builds a rigorous and comprehensive foundation for a diverse student body preparing to enter a variety of professions. In particular, the department is devoted to maintaining a strong undergraduate and graduate curriculum that provides a broad spectrum of courses in pure and applied mathematics, as well as statistics, in order to supportStudents fulfilling their quantitative literacy component of their undergraduate education.
Students fulfilling the mathematical curriculum component of their majors.
Students majoring in mathematics or statistics who intend to utilize their disciplines in industry or graduate study.
To create an ambiance in which state-of-the-art undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs will flourish. To identify different industrial problems through industryacademia interaction and to undertake collaborative projects for long term development. To generate human resource with finest capabilities who can emerge as leaders in a range of professions.

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